Fattys E Bikes is a hobby business. Many people have expressed interest in electric bikes, so I created Fattys to help them make informed decisions, and build a bike for them if they desire. Fat bikes look really cool so that is my specialty. fattys@camhamilton.net

E Bikes can get heavy, so I installed a bike rope hoist to lift bikes up to mount in work stand, as can be seen in photo.

I have full time employment, and work on my hobby when I have free time, which is not much.

This was a pedal / electric quadracycle I built back in 2011. Clicking on the photo will take you to a page with more photos and details on the build or use the dropdown in the Fattys menu at the top of the page.

I am using entry level Mongoose fat bikes (re-branded Chinese mass production bikes) for my custom builds, as they are the lowest priced fat bikes I have found. Buying stuff retail here in the U.S. makes the builds REALLY expensive. Read the blog post about the 20″ Mongoose project. Now that I know what I need, I am working on sources for the kits directly from China. Everything made for converting electric bikes comes from there, and it appears I should be able to save a substantial sum of $$$.

Doing research online there are also a bunch of nice looking, inexpensive / entry level electric fat bikes available from China. The motors are only rated at 350 – 500 watts, but that is adequate for power assisted pedaling. The only way to keep cost down buying stuff like bikes from China is to buy in bulk. If enough people express interest in an entry level electric bike / trike, I may start a funding page at kickstarter or indegogo to purchase a container load of bikes for us.


Currently I am working on ordering one of these trikes from China. The supplier has been very friendly, and fast in answering all my questions. I wish I had time to learn to speak / type Mandarin. People who can communicate in multiple languages are smarter than I am!



The supplier of the trike has many other E Bikes. I am planning on getting at least two different models. These are just a few examples of what they offer: